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PollutionWatch is your source for information about pollutants that facilities release and transfer in your community including: toxic pollutants (such as benzene, lead, dioxins and furans); Criteria Air Contaminants (pollutants that cause smog and acid rain); and, greenhouse gases (air pollutants that lead to climate change).

With PollutionWatch, you can:

Plus much more…

Who We Are: find out more about the environmental groups that create and run the PollutionWatch web site.

PollutionWatch tutorial: is this your first time visiting the PollutionWatch web site? Take a few moments to get the highlights, and find out how the site works.

Understanding the Data: get detailed information about the data used on the PollutionWatch web site.

Frequently Asked Questions: get answers to the most common questions about the PollutionWatch web site.

Links: check out these links to other sources of information about pollution.

Please note that PollutionWatch classifies releases, disposals and transfers differently than Environment Canada's National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) program. NPRI has a narrower definition of “release”. NPRI excludes underground injection and land releases, such as landfill, in its definition of a “release”. These types of releases are included in the PollutionWatch definition of “release”. These varying methods of presentation will yield different perspectives on the data. Please see Understanding the Data for a more detailed discussion.

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PollutionWatch is a collaborative project of Environmental Defence and Canadian Environmental Law Association.
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