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Pollution Data Source: NPRI reported pollution
Province: Across Canada
Pollution Type: Air Releases of Combined (Without VOC)
Year: 2004
Please note:
  • The units of measurement for Greenhouse Gas data are presented in tonnes or tonnes CO2 (carbon dioxide) equivalent. The units of measurement for NPRI data are presented in kilograms (kg), excluding hexachlorobenzene which is measured in grams (g) and dioxins/furans which are measured in grams (g) TEQ.
  • Recycling data is not included in total releases or transfers data. To obtain recycling data, please go to Who is Polluting? or Pollution Rankings.
Rank  Facility Company Name Total
Total Greenhouse
Gas release(*)
Greenhouse Gas
National Rank
1 Mildred Lake Plant Site SYNCRUDE CANADA 124,469,979 4 10,367,463 3 AB
2 Aurora North Mine Site SYNCRUDE CANADA 962,957 403 N/A N/A AB

N/A: this facility didn't report Greenhouse Gas emissions in this year.
*: Total of all greenhouse gases reported in Tonnes(CO2 equivalent).
GHG: Greenhouse Gas emission
NPRI: National Pollutant Release Inventory

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