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Environmental Laws

Governments at the federal and provincial/territorial levels are responsible for creating and enforcing laws to manage toxic substances.

Find out more about the legal framework for managing toxic substances in Canada and four selected provinces (Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Alberta) in this PollutionWatch backgrounder: A Summary of Canadian and Selected Provincial Regulations and Policy on Toxic Substances

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Chemical Lists

View the lists of toxic substances associated with environmental laws in Canada and four selected provinces ( Ontario , New Brunswick , British Columbia and Alberta ).

Note: Information on this page is current to 2004.

Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA 1999)

National Pollutant Release Inventory Chemicals ( CEPA 1999)

Priority Substances ( CEPA 1999 ) - attached

Regulated Toxic Substances ( CEPA 1999 )

Toxic Substances Requiring Virtual Elimination ( CEPA 1999 )

Prohibited Substances ( CEPA 1999 )

Substances Requiring Export Notice or Consent ( CEPA 1999 )

Restricted Substances ( CEPA 1999 ) - attached

Hazardous Wastes Requiring Export, Import or Transit ( CEPA 1999 )

National Ambient Air Quality Contaminants ( CEPA 1999 )

Pest Control Products Act

Registered Pesticides ( Pest Control Products Act ) - attached

Fisheries Act

Deleterious Substances ( Fisheries Act )


Provincial Regulatory Program Overview


Air Contaminants ( Environmental Protection Act )

Drinking Water Contaminants ( Safe Drinking Water Act )

Hazardous Wastes ( Environmental Protection Act )

Ozone Depleting Substances ( Environmental Protection Act )

Process Effluent Discharge Substances ( Environmental Protection Act)

New Brunswick

Air Contaminants ( Clean Air Act )

Ozone Depleting Substances ( Clean Air Act )

British Columbia

Air Contaminants ( Environmental Management Act )

Contaminated Sites Substances ( Environmental Management Act )

Effluent Discharge Contaminants ( Environmental Management Act )

Ozone Depleting Substances ( Environmental Management Act )

Hazardous Waste Chemicals ( Environmental Management Act )


Air Contaminants (Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act )

Hazardous Waste Chemicals ( Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act )

Ozone Depleting Substances ( Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act )

Water Contaminants (Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act )


Selected Non-Regulatory Initiatives & International Agreements

Candidate Toxic Substances ( Canada-Provinces-Industry )

Chemicals Requiring Sound Management (Canada-Mexico-U.S.)

Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy Substances (Canada-U.S.)

Great Lakes Canada-Ontario Toxic Substances (Canada-Ontario)

Greenhouse Gases ( Kyoto Protocol )

Ozone Depleting Substances ( Montreal Protocol)

Persistent Organic Pollutants ( Stockholm Convention)

Prior Informed Consent Chemicals ( Rotterdam Convention)

Substances Requiring Canada Wide Standards (Canada-Provinces)

Transboundary Air Pollutants (Canada-U.S.)

Virtual Elimination Criteria Substances ( Canada )


List of Facilities

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