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Kingston Facility
5055 Taylor-Kidd Boulevard, County Road 23
ON, K7M 6J1
Name: Mr. Paul Hummel
Position: EHS Advisor
telephone: 613-3843103 ext. 4242
Fax: 613-3841565
Email: paul.hummel@ca.transport.bombardier.com

Number of full time employees in this facility 154
Sector of the facility based CSIC
Canadian SIC Code 3299

Comments about this facility Bombardier Transportation North America, Kingston Facility manufactures passenger rail vehicles. Our manufacturing activities are contract driven with a direct relationship to emissions. Manufacturing activities were at a maximum for the year 2001. We anticipate lower activities for the year 2002 given our current contract demands.

It should also be mentioned that our Machine shop and Weld shop will be closing at the end of year 2002. This will greatly reduce primary parts and their subsequent weld and paint processes. We anticipate these closures to affect future reporting.

Parent companies
Parent Company % Ownership D-U-N-S number
Bombardier Transportation

Regulations or Permits:
Regulation ID Regulation Program Report year
8-4062-99-006 MOEE Certificate of Approval (Air) 2001
ON459701 Ontario MOE - Hazardous Waste Generator Number 2001

Activities that the facility was engaged:
Activity Description Yes/No
Combustion of salt laden logs in pulp and paper sector No
Combustion of fossil fuel in a boiler unit to produce electricity (>=25 MW) No
Production of chlorinated organic solvents or monomers No
Manufacturing of Portland cement No
Production of magnesium No
Operation of electric arc furnaces in steel foundries No
Operation of electric arc furnaces in steel manufacturing No
Manufacturing of iron using a sintering process No
Smelting of secondary aluminum No
Smelting of secondary lead No
Base metals smelting (including copper, lead, nickel, and zinc) No
Sewage sludge incineration No
Hazardous waste incineration No
Biomedical or hospital waste incineration (>=100 tonnes/year) No
Non-hazardous solid waste incineration (>=100 tonnes/year) No
Combustion of fuel in kraft liquor boilers in pulp and paper sector No
None of the above No
Was the facility used for wood preservation using creosote? No
Was the facility used for wood preservation using pentachlorophenol? No
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