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British Columbia

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Underground Injections (On-site) for British Columbia in 2005 are
73,767,606 (kg)
National Ranking for Underground Injections (On-site) for BC in 2005 is
To see other pollution reports, please go to Pollution Ranking.

Please note:
  • The units of measurement for data presented below are in kilograms (kg), excluding hexachlorobenzene which is measured in grams (g) and dioxins/furans which are measured in grams (g) TEQ.
  • Recycling data is not included in total releases or transfers data. To obtain recycling data, please go to Who is Polluting? or Pollution Rankings.

Breakdown by Pollutants:
(NOTE: Click on the column total number for a detailed look at the data.)

Pollutant * Total Amount Percentage*
Hydrogen sulphide 73,588,931 99.76%
Methanol 147,619 .20%
1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene 15,056 .02%
Ethylene glycol 12,221 .02%
Toluene 3,209 --
Chlorine 440 --
Sodium fluoride 130 --

* Click on pollutant's name to see its health effect on external site

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