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Find out which facilities are releasing and transferring pollutants in your community. You can also search for facilities that are reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

There are two different ways you can search: create a map of facilities in your community; create a list of facilities in your community.

Map Your Community: Use this search to create an interactive map of facilities reporting releases and transfers and greenhouse gases in your community. Just type in your street address, choose the type of pollution you want to search for, decide the geographic range of your search (kilometres from your home) and hit search. You will get detailed information about each reporting facility that appears on the map you have created.

List Facilities: Use this search to create a list of facilities in your community, in your province or across Canada. You can search for pollutants responsible for climate change (greenhouse gases). You can also search for information about pollutants released to the air, water and land that may cause contamination (toxics only). If you are interested in air pollutants related to smog and acid rain, choose Criteria Air Contaminants (CACs).

List of Facilities

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